Goulding Bros & Co Ltd - Established 1960

Learning alongside the likes of Graff, by the age of 18 Sam Goulding had set up his own workshop and in 1960, at just 23 years old, he went into business with his brother David and Goulding Bros was established.

Although David sadly passed away, under Sam’s leadership the Goulding Bros reputation continued to grow in the prosperous years that followed.

Our collection features timeless designs, crafted in the tradition that made London-manufactured jewellery the envy of the world. The name of Goulding Bros has become synonymous with fine quality gems, exceptional value and the highest standards of manufacture. This unrivalled reputation continues and is reflected in the current range of exquisite ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and other gem-set jewellery, crafted with care in our Hatton Garden workshops.

In the 1980's, Michael Woodward joined Goulding Bros, following a fortuitous chance meeting. Sharing Sam’s belief in hard work and integrity, Michael took on the mantle of Sales Manager for Goulding Bros, having already been in the industry for many years.  Michael was a true gentleman and brought new customers to the company, serving them with commitment and sincerity. Michael also brought humour and a larger than life character, becoming not only a dear friend, but an honorary member of the Goulding Bros family.  With the business ever expanding, Sam was also joined by Stuart Parks in Scotland and established relationships with some of the top retail jewellers across the UK.

As years passed by, Sam was joined in the Hatton Garden office by his children and subsequently, by his grandson, Darius.  Sam passed away in 2010, but his values, work ethic and consideration for others live on, inspiring the generations who follow him.

After Stuart retired, Michael stayed with the company to support transition to the next generation. Although he sadly passed away little more than a year after Sam, his memory and influence remain, and he will never be forgotten.  

More than just a name, Goulding Bros embodies a belief in traditional values, integrity and relationships, following in the example established over more than 50 years. They are both pictured below, with Mike on the left and Sam on the right, at a show they did together back in the late 1980s.


We hope your experience with us meets with your highest expectations.

The family team at Goulding Bros.

88-90 Hatton Garden

London EC1N 8PN

Tel: 0207 242 7081

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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